Various Industries We Support

Marketable LLC has been providing cost-efficient software to manage leads across all verticals in the industry for well over a decade and a half now. As a result, the company has the expertise to create and implement tailor-made solution for your specific business needs and budget. Take advantage of our specialist services for securing a lead management system that can take your business to new levels of success and profitability.

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Our Verticals

Insurance Prospect Management System

Helps in collecting and tracking leads from various different sources.

Call Center Lead Management Software

Best agents can miss potential customers.Get the tool to manage & close deals easily.

Loan Lead Management Solution

Demand is ever growing and finding top quality leads can be as hard as cracking nuts

Healthcare Lead Management Platform

Retain existing customers as well as finding new ones can be challenging in this industry

Industries Served

Marketing & Advertising Lead Management Platform

Ensures rise in revenues reaching out to existing & new customers through online campaigns.

Real Estate Lead Management Platform

Can serve as a bridge between agents looking for quality leads and prospective clients.

Manufacturing and Distribution Lead Management

Easy management of various sales processes while taking care of profit margins.

Mortgage and Debt Lead Management Solution

Enables easy tracking, distribution and managing of mortgage & car loan leads with ease


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