How Marketable Works?

Get A Customizable Lead Management System To Raise Your Business Revenues

Secure top quality leads with Marketable LLC advanced multi-featured lead management system for bolstering revenues. The software program has the capability to generate conversion oriented leads pretty quickly and can enable clients to increase business profitability. Return on investment is guaranteed. Besides, users can save time and energy during their effort to take online businesses to new levels of success as lead generation processes will get automated. The easy to use system requires no formal training or additional staff for operations.

The prospect management program offered by Marketable LLC can capture leads from various different sources and can even assign them to the right sales persons to raise probability of conversions. In addition, users can control sales and marketing functions with a much degree of efficiency as the system has in-built features that make it easier to track leads and close deals.Take advantage of our state-of-the-art lead management solution which can be fully customized to the specific needs and requirements of your online business.

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Benefit By Buying A Lead Management Sales Software That Really Works

Distribute leads automatically

An efficient lead management system is the one that is invisible to users and enables them to learn how to manage and convert leads effectively. Our software program comes standard with a string of innovative features that includes automatic distribution of leads to the right sales persons for guaranteeing results.

Convert leads to deals

It is our belief that client should always focus on closing deals as any distraction from the primary goal can make things turn counterproductive. Our software has to do lists and user only needs to assign the right people in charge for handling leads and follow-ups in the overall sales cycle.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing

Online businesses, regardless of their size and targeted locations, can organize sales and marketing processes with relative ease by using our lead management solution. The program can filter leads according to clients, products, zones, sources and contacts or a permutation and combination as well as give insights for improving sales campaigns.

Build Better Relationships

A customized lead management system ensures that leads don’t slip away on account of lapse in communication. User can store lead contacts and receive feedbacks of status at regular intervals. Apart from delegating tasks, system can even generate reports for analyzing performance of business and highlight follow-ups to be undertaken.


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