Stay Ahead Of Competitors With A Feature-Rich
Prospect Management System

Running businesses efficiently has become highly challenging because of fierce market competition. The only way out to stay ahead of your rivals is to take advantage of latest updated technology. Lead management programs are at the centre stage these days as they have enabled hundreds of lead generation companies to handle business with relative ease. if you get a customized solution installed at your office, success levels will increase.

By now everybody knows that companies depend on marketing campaigns & strategies for tapping potential customers. And Cloud based lead management systems facilitate integration of customer information secured through various campaigns via email, third party portals, websites, etc. With a customized solution, user can effectively track efficiency of the business marketing strategies and carry out modifications in them for getting better results. You can buy a result oriented lead management system to raise business profitability.

Lead Capture

Reduce lead leakage and capture maximum number of leads.

Lead Qualification

Make use of lead quality & activity scoring for identifying best leads.

Lead Distribution

Assign leads to sales representatives based on the rules you have set.

Email Integration

Synchronise your email for tracking conversations with prospects.

Sales Alerts & Tracking

Track & notify your sales team about important action on leads.

Source Tracking

Identify the sources that work best for you in lead generation.

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Additional Features

Segmented List and Lead Scoring

Enables automation of leads and targeting them for developing enhanced data collection.

Channelize Leads to Funnels

Facilitates getting a holistic picture of your entire database and interactions with customers.

External Integrations with Tools

Contacts with customers can be synchronized to know exact status of leads.

Tasks and Reminders

Pull leads through funnel as system will send reminders regarding clients not taken decisions.

Application Features

Ping Duplication Checking

System facilitates to filter duplicate leads on the insert level and partner level.

Lead Verification

It ensures that user is only paying for those leads which have passed tests.

Manage Lead Complaint

Allow user to solve complaints within a fixed time frame to ensure customer satisfaction.

Invoice Management

Users can send invoices through emails to clients who purchase leads at regular intervals.

Buyer & Vendor Portal

Leads can be received from vendors through campaigns. Buyers can effectively manage leads

Advance Features (USP)

Ping – Post System

Vendor/Buyer Accounts

Affiliate Programs

Live Call Transfer

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